12 Valentine’s Day Recipes

Today, we are sharing 12 delicious Valentine’s Day recipes to share with your Sweeties!

Since Valentine’s Day is this week, we all need healthy and natural options for indulging! It’s easy to get side tracked when boxes of assorted chocolates and candy hearts scream our names. Instead of being tricked by the bright colored packaging and tempting pictures, turn to homemade treats that you know are healthier and just as tasty:


Chocolate Sugar Cookies

valentine cookie recipe

This traditional cookie recipe is delicious in a chocolate flavor and really fun to make!


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries

 Easiest chocolate fix ever!

Sweet Raspberry Biscuits with Vanilla Glaze

rasberry biscuits

 These are sweet enough for dessert or as a tasty breakfast.


Raw Dark Chocolate Truffles

raw chocolate truffles

 Feed your Valentine extra nutrition in these healthy truffles.


Flourless Chocolate Devils Food Cake

vegan chocolate devil's food cake

 Trust us when we say this cake is sinful…. in a good way!


Creamy Chocolate Pudding

healthy chocolate pudding cream

 Definitely don’t forget whipped cream and fresh strawberries in this healthy, vegan pudding!

Raspberry Cake Roll

chocolate cake roll

 This cake is the best of both worlds- fruit and chocolate combined.


Honey Sweetened Chocolate Glaze Cookies

chocolate cookies sweetened with honey

You wouldn’t know these decadent cookies are only sweetened with honey!


Easy Berry Crisp

Berry Crisp

For any non-chocolate lovers, this berry crisp makes a beautiful festive dessert.


Chocolate Creme Brulee

12 valentine's day recipes

 Mix things up a bit with a chocolate version of the French favorite!


Chocolate Waffles

natural recipes chocolate waffles

 It’s completely acceptable if you want to serve these scrumptious chocolate waffles for breakfast!


Chocolate Puff Pastries

sugar free chocolate pastries

 For the taste of pastries in a healthier way- try this 2 ingredient treat.


Easy Chocolate Mousse

healthy chocolate mousse

 You simply can’t go wrong with decadent, light chocolate mousse.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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