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What is Natural Sweet Recipes about? We’re three sisters who love healthy, refined sugar-free recipes. We share a variety of recipes suited to different dietary needs. Gluten-free, raw, no-bake, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan recipes abound but are always made sugar-free!
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Meet Holly:
Content Editor, mother of three, L.A. foodie, the big sister, nutrition researcher, lover of crafts, fabulous creator in the kitchen…

Natural Sweet Recipes

My name is Holly and I love treats!  When referring to chocolate, I don’t think the term “too rich” is even possible.  When I was young I ate junk food whenever I wanted and always appreciated my mom’s delicious treats for me and my friends to enjoy. As I got older I began realizing my food choices weren’t the best. My first clue was an allergist putting me on the Candida diet for a whole month, due to her speculation that I was allergic to sugar! The Candida diet is an absolutely yeast free, dairy free and sugar free diet. Being the oldest in our family, we weren’t aware of the good sweeteners then, so quitting sugar cold turkey was really tough. I cried, wailed, had a major withdrawal episode and went right back to my old ways after 2 weeks.

Then I went to college and gained the Freshman 15. Then oops, gained the Sophomore 15 too!  Luckily, I became inspired to reduce sugar in my diet from a woman I worked for who was incredibly healthy and fit.  I didn’t come close to eating the way she did but I lost the weight I put on and felt a whole lot better.  Then I got married and had two beautiful daughters. I became obsessed with everything healthy and holistic after that.  I didn’t want one tiny chemical, preservative or sugar molecule entering their perfect little bodies and I did my best to feed them in the healthiest way I knew how. But I was still the same sugar-loving girl I always was and lead a totally double life! During the day there was not a sugar spec or unhealthy food in sight. But once the girls were in bed at night, my husband and I quickly busted out the Trader Joe’s treats (full of sugar but no trans fats or preservatives, I convinced myself).

As my daughters grew, they wanted to help in the kitchen and I knew I needed to figure out healthy alternatives quick!  Thankfully, at about the same time, my mom and sisters were also toying with sugar free treats, and having great successes with them. Now that I’m having more success baking sugar free, I’m happy to experiment more! Our healthy treats have become family favorites that we hope will become your family’s too!


Meet Annie:
Blogger in Chief, recipe developer, nutrition enthusiast, baking addict, world traveler, doggie mama, adores design and photography…

Natural Sweet Recipes

Healthy eating for our family has been a process! I didn’t truly start to think about eating healthier until college when I wanted to lose weight and get healthier, because up until then, I had absolutely no problem with eating endless amounts of sugar! When I became engaged, I got serious about eating healthy. I wanted to look my best for my wedding day, but most importantly, I wanted to be healthy and feel good for my future family. In the past, I had experienced a variety of health problems (skin problems, rashes, fatigue, headaches, stomach problems, vertigo and neck pains) but I wasn’t motivated to give up naughty foods to achieve better health. I just never thought my eating would heal or affect those issues. But I made some adjustments and improved my eating and I slowly realized oh how wrong I was!

When members of our family were diagnosed with Lyme disease and Candida, they began the “no sugar, yeast or dairy” diet and this change sparked the “whole natural foods” journey for myself. I joined in the Candida diet along with my family and began learning more about what foods are right for my body. By then my husband and I were married so these changes were pretty drastic for him. But seeing the effects of going completely sugar free, gluten free, yeast free and dairy free were so positive that he decided to give it a try too. Once I had cleansed my body, I saw amazing results. I had more energy, slept better, felt better, lost weight and was happier!

Since then, I have not continued eating so strictly. I have found what makes my body feel good and what doesn’t. Through this whole journey of trying to eat less sugar, I have improved my diet in other ways and I feel better just all around. I try to eat clean with lots of raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. As I have begun eating better, my health has drastically improved. Now I feel better than ever to do what I love! I love traveling with my husband, reading, blogging, photography and creating healthy recipes, especially with my sisters. I live with my husband Travis and our black lab, Enzo in Salt Lake City.


Meet Chelsea:
Writer, recipe researcher, nutrition elitist, pianist, dog lover, hair stylist, fashionista, family baby, chocoholic, and newest college student…

Natural Sweet Recipes

Unlike my sisters, I was fortunate to grow up in our family when our mother was making the major lifestyle changes that we now live by. However, even though we ate more natural, we did have desserts every single day and that promoted our love for sweets and baking! When I reached the age of 11, I started noticing problems – mostly skin issues. I didn’t know what the cause was and just blamed it on puberty. I definitely wasn’t interested in changing my diet because I loved sugar!

Everything changed when I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and Candida along with some other members of our family. The first two weeks were the hardest ever. I basically quit all “yummy” food and ate veggies for most meals. It was at around this time that our mom began researching natural sweeteners that were acceptable for the Candida diet. Her discoveries led us to many others. Eating this way, I purified my body of sugar and yeast and began noticing AMAZING side effects. One of the biggest was that that I actually got full after a meal which meant that I noticed when I needed to stop eating. Because of that I lost weight. I also like a lot of foods now that I used to hate when I was on sugar. My tastes have changed to truly appreciate real, whole foods. I love good food and the way it makes me feel and I want to share the benefits of eating this way through this blog with all of you!

I am currently in my freshman year at college, so I am definitely all about easy, simple recipes that taste delicious! Healthy eating may not always be the easiest or cheapest, but I have found it is worth it! Our goal is to cover healthy recipes that are perfect for everyone – from the involved college student to the busy parent. No matter where you are in life, we hope our natural sweet recipes benefit you and your loved ones!