Favorite Sugar Free Chocolates

Most people adore chocolate and we are no exception! When switching to a healthier diet, chocolate can still be a part of that healthier eating plan. There are many, many wonderful products and brands out there that make eating chocolate healthy! Those with different food allergies will find there are chocolate products ranging from dairy free, soy free to full out vegan. We like the chocolates that are naturally sweetened best!

Here are some of our favorite kinds:


 Simply Lite Dark Chocolate.

This chocolate is amazingly flavorful and rich. It comes in flavors of Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Milk Chocolate. All three are delicious, but we prefer the plain dark because of it’s lovely cocoa flavor, very low amount of sweeteners and is convenient for baking. It can be found at Trader Joe’s and Amazon.com.



 Another favorite is Lucienne’s Sugar Free Chocolate.

We buy this on amazon.com. But you could possibly find it at your favorite natural foods store. It has a very rich, dark cocoa taste and it’s only sweetened with stevia! With such a stellar ingredients list, it’s probably one of the most healthy kinds. And just like many other chocolate bars out there, they have delicious different flavors- including mint and orange!

Unsweetened bakers chocolate is also an easy way to get chocolate in a healthy way. Baker’s chocolate is always  unsweetened, so it is always 100 perfect sugar free and you can add whatever sweetener you like. You can find it easily at any grocery store in the baking section. This chocolate is great for baking and an easy substitute for other chocolates if you can not find them.

For chocolate chips- there are a lot of options! In natural food stores, you can find dairy-free, gluten-free, kosher, naturally sweetened chocolate or carob chips! One favorite brand is Dream. We also like using Hersey’s sugar free chocolate chips when needed, though the quality of ingredients is not as good as some of the other chocolates. There are also some great dairy-free, soy-free chocolate chips, but sometimes they use other sugars to sweeten them. We like these kinds of chocolate chips for the ease of chocolate chips when needed and the fact that they do not use chemical sweeteners like Splenda or aspartame. When in doubt- it is better to use sugars like malitol or evaporated cane juice than anything that contains Splenda or aspartame!

With so many kinds of great sugar free products, chocolate is a treat that can be eaten in healthy ways!

What chocolate products do you use and love? We’d love to learn of your favorites!!

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