Healthy Chocolate-Covered Cheesecake Truffles

A lot of bloggers are sharing motivational posts on how to start eating healthier or natural ways of detoxing or awesome workout routines. The holidays are over now so we all probably need some sort of refocus on topics like these!

Magic Bullet Recipes

But we wouldn’t be Natural Sweet Recipes if we didn’t share some healthy desserts to try in between those workouts and motivational pep talks.

We were contacted a few weeks ago by Magic Bullet to create some naturally sweet recipes using their new and totally awesome Dessert Bullet machine. This machine creates fantastic desserts with just frozen fruit or produce so no added sweeteners are necessary. After some healthy dessert brainstorming, we came up with these Chocolate-Covered Cheesecake Truffles! They have a slight tangy sweet flavor engulfed in melted dark chocolate and then chilled for delicious little bites. We have to say, they would be a great way to kick start this new year!

Check out the Dessert Bullet Blog to find the recipe!


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    Yeeeeeah, these truffles look awesome! Congrats on working with Magic Bullet! I LOVE mine and can’t wait to make these truffles using it :)

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