Sugar-Free Coke Slushies

Sugar-Free Coke Slushies

 We don’t have T.V at our house but we do have Hulu. Every once in awhile in between our episodes of Nashville or Burn Notice, we get hit by commercials for Coke Slushies at the popular fast food chain, Burger King.

I have never had the urge to go to Burger King until I saw that slushy drink. It looked so cool and inviting! I almost wanted to hop in the car and go get one immediately. As I resisted, the drink idea stayed in mind. Mainly because I knew a treat like that would be something my hubby would greatly enjoy.

Sugar-Free Coke Slushies

This slushy is healthier, has less calories that regular Coke (zero!), is not full of tooth-decaying ingredients and is only sweetened with stevia! Yet, it’s just as cool and inviting as any slushy you’ll see this summer!


Sugar-Free Coke Slushies (vegan)
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2 cans Zevia Coke
2 1/2 cups Ice
1 Lime

In a blender, combine the Zevia Coke and ice. Pulse until the mixture is a slushy consistency. The slushy will be extra frothy and foamy! Cut the lime in half. Squeeze a bit of lime into each drink and stir. Slice the remaining half of lime into thin slices for garnish. Serve in chilled glasses and enjoy immediately.

Makes 3-4 medium slushies




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