Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Vegan Pumpkin Pie

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret.  I’m part of a club that is all about “eat pie for breakfast “. We have our big annual meeting the day after Thanksgiving and several scattered about the winter months. My husband says I am the president of this club because I’m very good at being in it.


When November rolls around, I use every food blogger excuse to bake up some test pies. I have to be prepared! Obviously, as the president, I have to set a good example. Breakfast of champions right here!

pumpkin pie

This year, things will be a little different because we will be eating vegan pie!

Healthy Vegan Pumpkin Pie

We won’t need to laugh and say it’s the holidays (and besides, these pies are mostly made with veggies). This year, we can eat an extra large slice with a big pile of whipped cream if we want to. You totally want to join this club now, don’t you!?

vegan-pumpkin-pie copy

Or maybe you already have! Well start rejoicing. Rejoice that the vegan buttery crust and whipped cream are both dairy free. That there is not a spec of white refined sugar in this entire recipe. That most of the filling actually is a vegetable. And most of all, it tastes fantastically traditional and delicious! I know what you’re thinking – we better have a club meeting today.


Vegan Pumpkin Pie  (dairy free, egg free and soy free)
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Pie Crust:
2 cups Spelt Flour
1/2 teaspoon Pink or Sea Salt
2 Tablespoons Maple Sugar, Coconut Sugar or Powdered Honey
1 1/4 cup Frozen Earth Balance Butter, cubed
1-3 Tablespoons Ice Water

2 cups Pumpkin Puree
5 Tablespoons Coconut Butter, softened or Vegan Cream Cheese, softened
3/4 cup Maple Syrup or Honey
1/2 teaspoon Pink Salt
2 Tablespoons Cornstarch
2 teaspoons Pure Vanilla Extract
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix

For The Crust:
In a food processor or blender, combine the flour, salt and sweetener of choice. Add in the the frozen butter and 1 tablespoon of water. Pulse for a couple seconds. Add a bit more water and pulse until the mixture is a corse, crumbly mixture. If you need more water, add a little as needed. Transfer dough to an 9 inch or 10 inch pie pan and and gently press to the bottom of your dish, being careful to not break up any butter clumps in the dough. Shape the edges to your desired shape. Cover and place in the freezer for at least one hour or overnight. Remove from freezer at least 30 minutes prior to baking.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Begin on your filling.

For The Filling:
In a large bowl, beat all the ingredients together. The fabulous thing about vegan filling is that you can taste it along the way! Add more spice or salt to suit your tastes. Pour in the prepared crust (make sure dish is not straight out of the freezer!) and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes. If you fear the crust will brown to quickly, cover edges with foil, but remove for the last 10 minutes of baking. Allow to cool completely before serving. Garnish with non-dairy whipped cream. Store covered in the refrigerator for up to a week.


Vegan Pumpkin Pie
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  1. That looks super delicious!! I love cooking with spelt flour I gave up wheat earlier in the year and now do all of my baking with it.

    • Spelt flour is a favorite of ours too! We love it for transitioning away from white flour because we can’t really taste a difference! :) Thanks for the comment.

  2. Oh my gosh. This pie.
    I don’t think I can get over it! It’s perfect!
    Can you please send me a slice? :)

  3. Technically, if you use honey/powdered honey, this recipe isn’t vegan. Other than that it sounds fantastic; I can’t wait to try it using maple syrup.

    • We wanted to add honey as an option for those who are new to veganism or prefer to use honey since some vegans we know eat honey. This pie will taste great with whichever is used! Hope you love it if you try it! :)

  4. Gr.. I tried to make a vegan pie recipe for the blog this year and I failed miserably! I wish I had more time before Turkey day because I want to try yours so bad! I think I put in way too much cornstarch… :) Yours looks amazing!

    • I hate when that happens!! I think pumpkin pie is a good one to try vegan because even if it doesn’t hold up that well, it’s still super delicious! Hope you have better luck next time you try it. :)

  5. This looks awesome!! Thank you for posting, we appreciate vegan pie options!

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