Highlights of London and Paris

I still have a hard time believing I was there. It was such a wonderful trip, here’s a pause from sweets to show your the magic of these lovely places! Both cities are so wonderful and amazing and we had the very best time.

We first started out in London. We saw the Tower Bridge:

The London Eye is huge!

Of course, Big Ben. We walked down to see this famous clock within just a few hours of getting to the city. We ended up walking by it several times during our trip and  every time we did, I couldn’t help but tell Travis, “We’re in London!!!”

Buckingham Palace is beautiful and the guards are pretty incredible.

We took a night time tour bus that was awesome! This is the best shot of the night.

We saw Shakespeare’s Theater

Winston Churchill’s War Rooms are an absolute must see!  They are incredible and you learn so much about this inspiring man and the impact of the war on this beautiful city.

The Tower Of London is phenomenal!

We saw…..

Absolutely insane.

 West Minister Abby was stunning! So incredible and beautiful. Sadly, no pictures allowed inside.

Other favorite sites we went to in London:

The British Museum

Getting dinner and shopping in Chelsea

Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery

St. James Park

St. Paul’s Cathedral

After 3 beautiful days in London, we headed to Paris! I could hardly contain myself as we neared the city and I spotted the Eiffel Tower for the first time!

We love seeing The Notre Dame. It is absolutely stunning.

And we actually climbed the 400 plus stairs to the top.

The Louvre is amazingly huge with so much history and art and perspective.

The building itself is gorgeous and practically a museum on it’s own.

Paris gardens are gorgeous. They are made for Sunday afternoons with fresh pastries.

The Eiffel Tower is incredible at night. Especially when it sparkles!

We went up to the top and loved the views! Afterwards, we enjoyed the most amazing meal of our lives. Of our lives! It was a truly magical night.

Later that week, we took a romantic night cruise.

We spent a beautiful day at Versailles. We could have spent more than one day there because it is HUGE and simply breathtaking.

On our last day, we walked down the Champs Elysees and visited the Arc De Triomphe.

And took the 300 stairs to the top! But the view is worth it.

Paris Skyline

Other favorite things about Paris:

Sacre-Coeur Bastille with it’s stunning interior and breathtaking views.

Outdoor cafes and shops, especially on Rue Cler.

Going to the Le’Organerie and the D’Orsay Museums

Walking through the Latin Quarter (which is also where we stayed).

Crepes- they were cheap, warm and delicious!

and of course, walking along the Seine!


Europe is just amazing. When we got home, we were so excited to rest from over the 100 miles we walked.  But it was so fun and we can’t wait to go back!


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